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В рамках серии «Израильские писатели на театральных подмостках» (мой вольный перевод) в новом театральном сезоне в «Театрон Йерушалаим» состоятся три интересных встречи: с Меиром Шалевом, Этгаром Керетом и театральным критиком Михаэлем Хендельзальцем, после которых наш театр покажет спектакли: «Как несколько дней» по Шалеву, «Деньги, здоровье и мир во всем мире» по Керету и «Шозес и Бжежина» по Ханоху Левину, соответственно. Даты мероприятий: 29 октября, 30 января и 11 марта.

Будем рады видеть вас в зале!

Меир Шалев на премьере с участниками спектакля:

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Date: 2013-09-11 09:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sonia-k.livejournal.com
По Керету наши дети ставили небольшие отрывки

Date: 2013-09-11 09:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] aklyon.livejournal.com
У меня, к сожалению, бо-ольшие проблемы с творчеством этого писателя...

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Date: 2013-09-11 09:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] olgina67.livejournal.com
Артурик, а Керет есть в русском переводе?

Date: 2013-09-11 09:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] aklyon.livejournal.com
Есть, но, говорят, нужно отфильтровывать удачные: вот у avva было когда-то обсуждение (http://avva.livejournal.com/305186.html) (и это не первый раз когда я слышу о переводчике Беленьком нелестные отзывы. Так что может быть можно просто погуглить в Сети остальные переводы - и у avva'ы тоже дают, вроде бы, ссылки).
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User [livejournal.com profile] zarazumova referenced to your post from Самые теплые рекомендации в адрес театра МИКРО (http://zarazumova.livejournal.com/25889.html) saying: [...] http://aklyon.livejournal.com/261865.html [...]

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ven of skeptics. ``I was afraid people would be oohing and aahing over the babies all the time and not getting work done,'' says Kristie Kayser, data processing manager. ``But it hasn't been disruptive. Now I think it's great.''Flexibility is the key. ``We get inventive,'' Graves says. She calls her baby swing ``the time machine'' because ``it buys me some time in a meeting.'' The play gym ``is good for about 15 minutes.'' And nap time offers a chance for uninterrupted work.Even so, no one is pretending that challenges don't arise. If a baby cries in a meeting, mother and baby must make a quick exit, although Kenney finds that ``the mothers are more tense about the crying than anyone else.''Then there is the issue of productivity. ``You're used to getting more done,'' Ms. Paciolla says. For Paciolla, the arrangement lasted only a month. Her busiest season is January. ``It just didn't work to have Tony here then
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t it will be homosexuality.The 1992 presidential election was the first in which a candidate actively sought the support of homosexuals, and it also was the first in which gay and lesbian activists contributed heavily to and worked on behalf of a campaign. The morning after the election in which more than 70 percent of homosexuals voted for Bill Clinton the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force presented the Clinton team with its own transition document wish list.Besides announcing he will lift the ban on homosexuals in the military, President Clinton has been quick to deliver in other ways as well.He nominated lesbian and gayrights activist Roberta Achtenberg of San Francisco to be assistant secretary for fair housing and equal opportunity in the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This week, the administration said it would lift the ban on travelers with AIDS entering the US.However, in a dozen state
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nt de mme mcdougal '' , explique martin teckler , un haut fonctionnaire de la petite entreprise du congrès de administration.gop sont aussi pressant d'une comptabilité complète. mais ils ont été contrecarrés par la majorité démocrate . sonde soudainement appelé offrep . henry gonzalez (d) du texas, président de la commission bancaire , a accepté en novembre pour lancer une sonde de madison sampampl , mais le 10 décembre , il a brusquement mis fin sans demander tous les documents pertinents de la réglementation du secteur bancaire . `` je ne vais pas entreprendre une politique de pêche expédition n'est pas justifiée par les faits , '' m. gonzalez a déclaré dans
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plus large de l'élargissement des libertés fondamentales pour tous les citoyens de l'accord continent.the doivent reconnatre la propension de nombreuses entreprises américaines et certaines sociétés transnationales pour réduire les cots en direction du sud de la frontière. j'ai vu de mes yeux comment ce modèle a déjà été mis en place dans le programme des maquiladoras l' initiative de libre-échange existant mexicain qui a attiré des milliers de sociétés américaines à délocaliser tout ou partie de leurs activités au mexique , où le salaire moyen de 57 cents un hour.it est estimé que 1.700 sociétés américaines se sont implantées au mexique et emploien
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. la puissance et les privilèges des fonctionnaires ( 17,8 pour cent ) ivrognerie , la spéculation , et un manque général de discipline dans la société (14,6 pour cent). faible niveau de conscience sociale et politique (12,4 pour cent) . lignes et des pénuries de produits de base (12 pour cent ) . la mauvaise qualité des services sociaux , en particulier le logement (9,8 pour cent ) . les prix élevés et faibles salaires ( 9 pour cent) . en réponse à une dernière question sans rapport, près de 74 pour cent ont dit qu'ils ne craignaient attaque des états- unis ou leurs alliés . les répondants plus jeunes ont exprimé leur mécontentement à la question, les cher
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uence. Political clout in the Philippines depends to a large degree on the ability of a figure to dispense patronage, they note.Once Ver loses the power to sign [promotion] papers,a senior figure in Marcos's ruling party predicted, his following will begin to drop off.Meanwhile, government officials say, there is intense lobbying among various palace factions on the issue of a successor to Ver as chief of staff.Imelda Marcos, the President's wife, and her influential brother Benjamin (Kokoy) Romualdez are said to favor Gen. Josephus Ramas, the commander of the Philippine Army.Ramas, like Mrs. Marcos, comes from the Visayas region in the central Philippines.Ver may also favo
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is now a complete veering away from any kind of film that speaks about the human condition except in archaic terms as they were forced to do in `Spartacus.' But to talk about the real discontent within our society or the real striving of minorities, you don't see much of that in films today.How can we prevent a recurrence of the hysteria of the blacklisting daysI made the film to do my part. I wanted to say that eternal vigilance is what is necessary on everybody's part. We mustn't all become so complacent in our lives that we forget these things can happen are bound to happen. Even today you can see behavior in Hollywood based on the effects of the past blacklisting. There
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base of financial supporters among MexicanAmerican businessmen and professionals.Julio Calderon, who is starting a politicalaction committee for Hispanics and is former president of the MexicanAmerican Political Association, spotted Olivarria in 1982 when the officer often was in the news as spokesman for the Riverside police. Mr. Calderon called him and began encouraging him to run for office.Calderon was a Democratic Party regular until that year. In the 1960s he had been a Chicano activist in La Rasa Unida (united race) Party. But when he saw the Democratic leadership in California working to defeat Latino candidates in Democratic primaries, he grew skeptical that the Democr
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is no social stigma attached to their situation. Mrs. Robert W. Merritt Kalamazoo, Mich.The editorial Nation of readers(May 13) prompts me to boast of one of the few completely successful educational experiments I conducted in over 35 years of teaching English. The experiment was conducted not in a classroom but in my home. The teacher was yours truly, and the sole pupil was my son, then about 12 years old.He had learned to read early and devoured books with ease. The only trouble, as I saw it, was that he was wasting his superior gifts on inferior material. From what he told me of his English classes, I gathered that not much of substance was going on in them.Next to reading,
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aster, konkrete skridt hen imod skattelettelser og reform af banksektoren , siger analytikere og konomer. investorer kan profitere ved at anerkende sdanne foranstaltninger early.the dato en vending kommer som regel p omkring frste gang, at en officiel prognose udstedes der viser sig at vre alt for pessimistisk , siger lawrence summers , us vicefinansminister , for nylig . japan har kun begyndt at erkende sit barske challenges.like strudsen , de har trukket deres hoved ud af busken , siger joshua feurerman , leder af emerging markets fund p state street global investors i boston . nu siger han , en masse penge ledere gerne vil se dem rent faktisk at gennemfre noget strre end blot at tale om det.luther bell, bror til spillet opsynsmand , var den ldste af vores gamle range
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reignty.both er desillusioneret med republikanske og demokratiske partier, men siger, at de ikke ser nogen alternatives.for disse to mnd , og folk rundt om i landet , som deler deres bekymringer , de liberale og konservative bekymringer moderne politik synes at skrer p et sted kaldet usikkerhed.det er derfor, det er s vigtigt for det globale samfund til rally bag libanons rebuilding.the frste skridt er sikkerhed. realiseringen 1701 arbejde krver hurtige udbredelse af europeanled fn fredsstyrke at styrke de eksisterende unifil tropper i det sydlige libanon . samarbejde og tilbageholdenhed fra hizbollah , israel og libanon nyligt indsat 14.000 mand hr i syd vil vre key.the konomiske udfordringer er formidabel . fn udvikling agentur siger skaden er tilintetgjort ... de sid
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esse , siger pete rafle , en talsmand for wilderness society, som er imod den nuvrende regningen. han tilfjer : de lgger op dette lovforslag med en tilsyneladende endels litani af katastrofale bestemmelser for offentlige arealer elsewhere.typically har miljgrupper kunnet stole p brn ( som regel demokratiske ) stabsmedlemmer at holde dem i loop p, hvordan forhandlingerne mellem senatet og hus forhandlerne pgr . men denne gang har demokratiske mdedeltagere ogs vret p ydersiden, da rep billy tauzin af louisiana og senator pete domenici of new mexico , gop formndene for reprsentanternes hus og senatet energi komitéer , trne titler p energiregningen i hemmelighed. formndene frst frigive disse udkast til gop kolleger , og derefter til demokraterne og press.republi
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and outside Egypt, with the active support of Iran, view the fall of President Hosni Mubarak's regime as the key to the success of the Islamic revolution.The establishment of an Iranlike Shari'a regime in Egypt would have a catastrophic domino effect on the rest of the Arab states. It would put an end to the EgyptianIsraeli peace, torpedo the ArabIsraeli peace process, and dramatically undermine American interests throughout the Middle East.Although in the short term the Mubarak government has the capability and will to overcome the immediate danger, debilitating socioeconomic conditions make it impossible to marginalize fundamentalism in Egypt permanently. Widespread poverty, chron
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, it was a lesson in life: patience and determination are prerequisites for success.Finally, on Jan. 16, the students had the thrill of seeing their hard work rewarded when, in the company of NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe and Rep. Walsh, they watched Columbia rocket toward space with their project aboard. After 16 days of downloading interesting and potentially valuable data, the students had a sense of ownership of the STS107 mission. What a terrible, personal assault, then, to see their mission, their shuttle, their crew destroyed over Texas on the morning of Feb. 1.In the dark days that followed, the Fowler students made the decision that they would see the project through to
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our marriages don't last, we lose touch with our families, and we alienate ourselves from our friends and colleagues.We usually see virtues in the other's point of view. In fact, most of us hold within ourselves both liberal and conservative attitudes. Most of us have found that our lives work much better when we employ nonadversarial, winwin approaches. Successful relationships in families, communities, and business are based on finding ways of working together, to the mutual benefit of the parties. Even politicians on state and local levels regularly cooperate for the common good. In North Dakota, leaders of all political stripes participate in a Consensus Council that develops
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Francisco project (the second of four talks) recently shared their collaboration with an audience.The site is the San Francisco County Jail, where a new prison and an old jail share space on former farmland. On a portion of this land, agroecologist Cathrine Sneed runs a horticultural rehabilitation program for 160 inmates. Men and women incarcerated for crimes ranging from drunk driving to possession of narcotics spend part of their time weeding, picking radishes, and planting turnips. The produce they harvest is donated to homeless shelters and people who have been diagnosed with AIDS. The project's meager startMs. Sneed started the Garden Project in 1982 with no tools, a budget o
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ary, he says. It is the right of the homeowner to maintain and retain his privacy.Polidoro counters that there are easier and more effective ways to protect privacy. Residents could post No Trespassing, and No Soliciting, signs outside their homes and then prosecute anyone who ignores them, he says.Never mind Indonesia's flirtation with ways to revive its currency without the help of the IMF. Never mind the IMF's decision to withhold the disbursement of a $43 billion rescue package over worries that this government is unwilling to change the way it does business.Yesterday the government and the fund renewed their commitments to each other and promised to do better this time. But lik
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card album.And then came the great disillusionment.Zac returned one day, and the two boys decided to separate their cards. They sequestered themselves up in Alyosha's room and for more than two hours slipped the cards with loving care out of their plastic slipcovers.Suddenly Alyosha was downstairs, standing in front of me with tears in his eyes. Zac has one of my cards.Out of 451 cards only one was in dispute. The Sarajevo of cards: a Michael Jordan Slam Dunk.The boys took seats at opposite ends of the kitchen table while I sat between them. Alyosha could barely contain his tears, while Zac spoke straightfaced and quietly in his low, throaty voice. Each boy was convinced that the c
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involved . . . a candid acceptance of socialism in the realm of public utilities and a commitment to the experiment of a planned economy.It provided for the rehabilitation of an area threefourths the size of England. We have accepted it. Today historical snoopers search out past footsteps. I think of it as the quietvoiced Bill Moyers asks questions about old times.Perhaps a good anecdote shares a quality with the short poem. We bring to the tidbit our own experience and automatically sketch in the missing elements. We imagine we know all of what the writer intended. And since the experience is ours, not the writer's, who's to say we're wrongWhat more fertile field could there be
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of anxiety and exhilaration.Anxiety, because they already detect signs that the Democratic leadership may take a highhanded attitude toward GOP members in the coming session. There was an early move, for example, to restrict the time available for any members to make afterhours speeches the kind that have become famous on CSPAN from the well of the House.Exhilaration, because for the first time in 12 years, House Republicans have no governing responsibility. They can be a toughminded, irascible opposition party without concern that they could hurt a Republican president. And there are signs such as the election of combative Rep. Richard Armey (R) of Texas to a leadership post t
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anoforte. My parents desired me one day to become a teacher of language and of music. Both were very enthusiastic linguists and musicians.That wasn't at all my idea of life. I hated music because it meant missing fun outdoors on halfholidays and missing delightful parties to practice dull scales and arpeggios. So, when Mama left the room, I played extra loud and deliberately badly to let her know she was bad! I banged on the wrong keys never did I dream that one day I'd be on my knees thankful to Ma and Pa for making me study music.The next few years found me practicing unwillingly for the next music exams after Primary: stiff steps to negotiate on the way to the coveted Musical Deg
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l Industry Association found that some 31.4 million will travel 50 miles or more from home for the holiday, up 0.7 percent over last year. However, this is the smallest increase in three years.Higher gasoline prices are affecting travel somewhat, says Mr. Williams. But we have found historically that high gas prices don't prevent people from traveling.Take Needles, which is on the Colorado River. Tourists visit the town to kayak, or they stop here on their way to Las Vegas.All the traffic has attracted plenty of gasoline stations, ranging from Valero, an independent, to most of the major brands. Gasoline prices in the town range from $3.59 a gallon to $3.99 a gallon.In California ov
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think of their own traditions. It's a takingoff point, not the beall and endall, she says.Can one ever be too traditionalYou can be, Berg says. You're traditionbound when you're doing things you don't want to do. It helps to ask yourself What is this for Why am I doing thisOne tradition the Berg family will institute this Christmas is asking family members: What can I give you that I can't buyIt focuses on gifts from the heart, Berg says, and shifts away from materialism. I'll be interested in what my kids come up with.Yet traditions shouldn't be just seasonal, she reminds. Traditions are for allyearround and for everyone. Regardless of culture or background, we all need that se
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his formidable comic skills and quickchange artistry to maintaining the pace of the farcical action. The gullible constabulary goon squad is headed by Gerry Bamman (Inspector), Joe Grifasi (Captain), and Raymond Serra (Chief), all of whom serve as willing comic foils. The role of the Sergeant gives Bill Irwin scant opportunity to display his eccentric physical comedy, but Mr. Irwin makes the best of what he is given to do. Patti LuPone brightens up the final scene with a touch of Roman ultra chic as an investigative reporter whose hardboiled questions evoke only scrambled answers.Accidental Death of an Anarchistwas directed by Douglas C. Wager, with cartoon scenery by Karl Eigs
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ductivity increases are greater in the manufacturing than in these small service firms,she says.NFIB, which represents small business, says just the opposite. Part of this plan amounts to a huge bailout of the big business community,says Ms. Aubin. We need to have reform. But this is not the way to do it.Few Europeans or Americans will notice the difference.Although the arrival of American missiles may create new EastWest tensions, trade with the Soviets is back to normal, and tensions between the United States and its allies over the commerce have lessened.Spats over hightechnology exports continue. But they are off the front pages , confined to a littleknown, secrecyob
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emitic and Christian peoples on the North American continent is a devoutly held Mormon belief, though there is no physical or documentary evidence to prove it.A number of early Mormon journals tell of Smith's later practice of plural marriage. He secretly took many wives at least 33 and perhaps as many as 48. He knew it was illegal under civil law, but he pressured the men closest to him to follow his example.After Smith's murder by a mob at age 38, his first wife unequivocally disavowed polygamy, affiliating with a reorganized Mormon Church, which never adopted the practice. The Ostlings devote almost two chapters to this topic.The authors follow the early history with their indep
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h Yeltsin's efforts to negotiate with the Moldovan government.The state of government in Russia itself is poor. In an impassioned address to the Congress of People's Deputies in December, Valery Zorkin, the chairman of the Constitutional Court, warned that legal nihilism had reached critical proportions. The powers of the branches of government are vague. Political stalemate and chaos in Moscow threaten the adoption of badly needed reform legislation as well as a new constitution. The legal system is a shambles a situation that suits the increasingly powerful m afias and oldstyle bosses.Moscow's authority in the rest of Russia is very weak. It is struggling to control rebellions in
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But these exleftists in the Solidarity trenches are seldom on the podium sharing the limelight with the president, the magazine notes. Have they been cooptedI can't speak for others in the party, but I work for the people. And in my town, this is what works, says Hector Sanchez, PRD mayor of Juchitan, Oaxaca. His town has set up garbagecollection services and Mr. Sanchez did share the limelight at a Solidarity rally with Salinas last week.The opposition has derided Solidarity as a partisan, porkbarrel program and to a large extent it is. But given its popularity and the overwhelming response the government has gotten, everybody wants in, says Federico Estevez Estevez, political sc
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oted that Gromyko was ``acting on an instruction of the Poliburo,'' the 10man policymaking body. The party's Central Committee unanimously approved the recommendation, according to Tass.The leadership was clearly at pains to avoid conflict, even to the point of naming party unity as its paramount goal. The official account of the Central Committee meeting noted that Chernenko ``cherished as the apple of his eye the unity of our Communist Party, collective character of the activities of the Central Committee, and its Politburo.''Doubtless there will be conflicting accounts of what Gorbachev had to promise or whom he had to cross in order to gain the leadership. The haste with which he was chosen suggests, at the very least, that all 300 members of the Central Committee were not at the meeting.Gorbachev has sounded a note of impatience in recent speeches. One of the most significant was made last December, when
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``enemies'' in the event of airstrikes, he warned.French officials said France would push at the NATO meeting for an ultimatum for fully demilitarizing Sarajevo. They challenged the arguments coming from some Western countries that an ultimatum would require a new UN resolution, noting that Resolution 824 of May 6, 1993, already demands the demilitarization of the Bosnian capital.A determining factor in NATO's deliberations will be the United States position. President Clinton said on Feb. 7 that he welcomed BoutrosGhali's request to NATO to approve punitive airstrikes, but added he would want certain identification of the party responsible for the Feb. 5 mortar attack before seeing an attack launched. Secretary of State Warren Christopher said the US would seek a broader response than punitive strikes to what he called a ``pattern'' of Serbian aggression against civilians.But many observers, rendered skeptical
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e available for another $365!). Included are 12 wood engravings by Michael McCurdy, who in July 1987 followed Muir's footsteps into Yosemite to gather images to work with. The high Sierra is a land of contrasts, of deep cold shadows and hot bright stony surfaces that swim in the eye: McCurdy has captured this.Turner's foreword is an eloquent explication not of the text, but of the experience behind it. ``The state of grace Muir attained in the Sierra was the knowledge that everything rocks, bears, stars, raindrops, he himself was all one, that separations and boundary lines were illusions and that there could never truly be such a situation as observer and observed: the observer was the observed.''The text makes surprisingly good reading. Muir hardly changed a word of the original notes. It's really a diary by which we follow the trail of the sheep Muir was helping to herd to greener pastures in the Yosemite
re supported by the military. Although the groups are not widespread yet, some observers fear that they could get out of hand, resulting in the murder of anyone even suspected of being tied to the Communist Party.But above all, the military finds itself operating in a new political climate. For one thing, there may now be the political will to defeat the insurgents, though both government and military leaders say the ``military option'' must be combined with other steps, such as land reform.``Marcos never wanted to destroy the insurgency, only neutralize it,'' the Western diplomat said. Keeping the insurgency active, he said, helped Marcos to maintain US support and allowed him to repress opponents.Aquino, on the other hand, is reluctant to hit the rebels as a whole, for the main reason that the military is incapable of doing so. The military is now expected to concentrate its efforts in select areas, which cou
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after that we're basically comparing players who stand out in one area or the other either setting the tableor clearing it off. Every team needs some of each, and the time is long past due when people woke up to the fact that the table setters are just as important as those onedimensional slugger types.Another thing that makes me laugh is the popular misconception that relief specialists are a relatively new breed that until just a few years ago teams put all their best pitchers in the starting rotation and tossed what was left in the bullpen. A companion theory, equally mistaken, is that it's only in the last decade or so that the importance of these firemenhas been dul
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thors of articles we accept will be notified by telephone. Authors of articles not accepted will be notified by postcard. Send manuscripts by mail to Opinions/Essays, One Norway Street, Boston, MA 02115, by fax to 617 4502317, or by Internet Email to OPEDRACHEL.CSPS.COM.This is the arcane state within a state, the formidable 400,000member police apparatus which spies on Soviet citizens, collects intelligence abroad, tries to influence Western public opinion, abets world revolution,bankrolls and staffs everything from peace campaigns to terrorist groups, and also plots assassinations.John Barron senior editor at Reader's Digest, a former US naval intelligence officer, and a new
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sal health care.But this deal is mostly about what powers are going to be exercised by federal politicians, what by provincial politicians, and what by native leaders. For most Canadians it is almost entirely irrelevant.It now appears the voting result will be inconclusive. Public opinion polling finds a country leaning against the proposals but deeply split. Would solid support for the YES mean the federal and provincial governments should institute the proposed changes Would an overwhelming NO vote mean no to Quebec, no to aboriginal peoples, no to decentralization of powerMore likely, a YES vote would be a signal that the Canadian people want their politicians to stop wrangling
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Research Institute (MBARI) and Stanford University, used a robotic underwater submersible to inject liquid CO2 into a glass beaker nearly 12,000 feet below the ocean's surface.CO2 dissolves in surface waters, but in deep water, liquid CO2 is denser than seawater. At low temperatures and high pressure, it forms a solid icelike structure.During the experiment this spring, this CO2 structure expanded until it bubbled over the beaker.Ed Peltzer, a marine chemist at MBARI, watched the experiment on a video camera from a research vessel. Slowly, he says, the gelatinous blob of CO2 fell to the bottom and rolled down the hill out of sight.Several fish were drawn to the silvery structure, an
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environmentalists has shifted toward water depletion and nonpoint source pollution, he says.We've got beautiful, very highquality rivers in the state. They form an important part of the state's economy,Mr. Sease explains.Similar arguments are heard in Snowmass Village, Colo., where environmentalists are waging a legal battle against the Aspen Skiing Company, which plans to take water for snowmaking from a nearby creek. Waterwithdrawal plans which amount to 3.5 million gallons per day would lead to an 11 percent to 63 percent loss of spawning area for brown trout, says Scott Chaplin, a researcher at the Rocky Mountain Institute in Snowmass.Okemo Mountain in Ludlow, Vt., and L
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dour Germans, industrious Italians, emotional Japanese, sly.Interestingly, the key figures in the personality movement in the United States eschewed racial and ethnic stereotyping by avoiding the subject altogether. Most concentrated on variations within the average (read: white and Protestant) American community.Paul begins with a fascinating chapter on early attempts to understand the psyche by the use of phrenology (feeling the bumps on the skull), developed in America by Lorenzo Fowler in the early 19th century. But most of her focus is on those who tried to get inside the head: Hermann Rorschach, who used inkblots as an early projective technique. Starke Hathaway and J. Charn
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fs all others. It would force the displacement of some 1.3 million people from a 600km stretch along the Yangtze River valley. The project area alone is four times larger than the state of California. Environmental critics regard the project as a planned disaster masked by extreme nationalistic pride.Doubts sown by the NGOs about skewed impact studies by corrupt engineers and officials have found their mark.Now nobody in government defends these projects anymore, Bosshard says. But they'll still argue ... that 'If we don't build them, somebody else will.' ABB won the consortium leader role for the $5 billion Malaysia job this year and vies with many competitors for the much larger C
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th its torpid economy and Mr. Clinton's decision to visit China this summer without stopping in Japan. Put everything together and there is some mistrust of President Clinton's attitude toward Japan, says Seizaburo Sato, a political scientist at a Tokyo think tank called the Institute for International Policy Studies.There's also a conspiracy theory making the rounds in magazines and conversations that amorphous entities in the US are deliberately attempting to weaken Japan's economic power. Yoshimi Watanabe, a member of parliament, says events such as Tuesday's downgrading of Japan's sovereign debt by Moody's Investors Service, a New Yorkbased creditrating agency, make some Japanes
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ountry. It usually means something nasty is about to happen.Can federal welfare policy be shaped to curb the trendThat question is a focal point of the debate in the Senate this week as lawmakers take up changes to the welfare system that would fundamentally alter the way America helps its poor.Sen. Phil Gramm (R) of Texas thinks denying additional benefits to mothers on welfare who have more children will discourage outofwedlock births. And he has some prestigious socialpolicy analysts to back him up.Not so, says Senate majority leader Bob Dole (R) of Kansas. Far ahead of Senator Gramm in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, he opposes a socalled family capon
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Russian government was by its own admission not loath to use these economic pressures to its advantage. In an undiplomatic, if not arrogant, statement, Russian President Yeltsin openly admitted that the oil price hikes and threat to cut off energy were being used to gain concessions on the military issues. We have closed the [oil] tap a little, and some progress appeared in the fleet dispute, Yeltsin bluntly told reporters last Saturday.The statement triggered outrage in Kiev. Prime Minister Kuchma described it as absolutely clear blackmail, in a meeting with visiting Israeli parliament speaker Shevan Weiss. Today the policy of Russia toward Ukraine cannot be called either friendly
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ement efforts received little public or judicial support.According to government estimates, illicit wildlife trade in the United States nets $50 million to $100 million a year. As various species are singled out for protection, their scarcity makes them more valuable providing incentive for increased illicit trade. Today, the biggest customers for poachers in the Rocky Mountain states are sport hunters seeking rare trophies and buyers for Asian medicine producers who use organic materials such as teeth, claws, and antlers in folk medicines.The crackdown on poaching began in 1981 with amendments to the Lacey Act, a federal wildlife law dating back to 1900. The amendments put teeth i
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s living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. (Israel donates $300,000 annually to UNRWA.)With 7,500 employees in the territories, UNRWA is the second largest employer there after the Israeli civil administration. All but 25 are Palestinians.Since 1950, UNRWA has provided subsistence levels of sanitation, medical care and relief for Palestinian refugees living in the overcrowded refugee camps and towns in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon.Roads have been built and houses electrified, but UNRWA has carefully avoided crossing the line between relief and development work.The reason: Palestinians say improvements that would give the camps a feeling of permanence that
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caldwell dit , réitérant une critique adressée à marks durant son mandat les ballet.marks boston , caressant sa barbe grizzly dans son bureau spacieux mais peu meublée , bourbiers off ses détracteurs . je suis l'architecte de ce qui se passe ici , dit-il. ce n'est pas le constructeur . je ne mets pas le mortier sur les briques . je suis beaucoup plus dans le moule de la situation dans son ensemble . le fils d'un chauffeur de camion brooklyn , marks rejoint l'american ballet theatre de new york, tandis que dans son 20s et est devenue la première danseuse américaine avec le ballet royal du danemark 10 ans plus tard . a la fin de son mandat d'administrateur de ballet ouest en 1985 , lui et sa défunte épouse , la danseuse étoile toni lander, a reu des critiques élogieuses pour leurs loisirs et mise en scène de abdallah, un a perdu 1855 ballet du chorégraphe aot bournonville.marks est bien connu pou
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e part , et d'autre part , les contraintes monétaires externes serrées qui vont à l'encontre publics opinion.in d'autres termes, entre une roche et un endroit dur .aujourd'hui, north central sert environ 3.200 enfants. l' 750.000 squarefoot lycée propose luxes comme la sculpture avancé et des cours de céramique différents groupes performingarts un éventail de langues étrangères , dont le chinois , le japonais , le russe, l'hébreu et l'ensemble des 22 sports sanctionnés par le association.yet athlétique etat dans les années 1990 , rien ne pouvait être plus en marge de la théorie de l'éducation . beth lief , président de new visions pour les écoles publiques , un organisme sans but lucratif qui a aidé à organiser 30 petites écoles à new york , affirme que même une école de 1000 élèves est ridicule. son idée d'une taille raisonnable : rien en dessous de 500.talk sur oscillations du pendule. peu de change
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ue les prix du pétrole restent assez élevés pour s'assurer que le nouveau forage est profitable.whenever il ya une crise au moyen-orient , et il semble qu'il y est un potentiel pour une rupture d'approvisionnement grave , qui attire l'attention des gens. les gens veulent être du cté de prendre certaines mesures , même si l'action ne produira aucun résultat pour cinq ou 10 ans , explique pietro nivola , un expert en énergie à l' effort institution.the brookings à élaborer une nouvelle stratégie énergétique a provoqué apre controverse entre les parties la version de la chambre , qui a passé aot dernier , comprend près de 33,5 milliards de dollars en incitatifs fiscaux , principalement pour les producteurs. les démocrates du sénat proposent 16 milliards de dollars en allégements fiscaux visant à la conservation ainsi que l'augmentation production.alternative énergie proposalfor de nombreux démocrates , la p
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é du minnesota . nous devons préparer nos jeunes pour une économie de workplace.although minnesota évolution continue de crotre à un rythme sain , la perspective d'un ralentissement augmente chaque année . pour tous les 10.000 emplois qui ne sont pas pourvus , les économistes estiment , l'etat perd autant que 500 millions de dollars en pertes économiques activity.the des pénuries de travailleurs ne sont pas des pertes directes , ils sont non perus possibilités , explique tom stinson, l' économiste de l'état du minnesota . les entreprises pourraient crotre plus vite s'ils avaient d'autres personnes à employer , et les détaillants pourraient bénéficier d'une plus grande market.evidence de la crise est abondante. ici, à minneapolis, où le chmage est à seulement 2,3 pour cent le plus bas pointage pour toutes les régions métropolitaines us le star tribune tourne environ 5.500 help wanted annonces dans ses éd
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